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Wish I could go back in time!

A few weeks ago I quit my job and was all excited to be starting a new adventure and get some quality me-time (much needed). On Sep. 1st 2022 I no longer have a job as a Team Lead for a Tech team of 9 very smart, intelligent and lovely group of people. The goodbye to them will be the hardest part of this.

Normally I wake up in the morning and head to work downtown Copenhagen and I have a busy day with lots of meetings, buzzing energy and lots of tech – high performance, high energy. I work usually from 08-16 on weekdays and have weekends off and 6 weeks of paid vacation over the course of a year and have a very decent salary, nice pension savings and a kick ass health insurance . Whats not to like right?

Nothing – absolutely nothing, except…. that one little voice in my head that says that there has to be something else – something more. And it has nothing to do with money, Career opportunities, titles or anything like that.

I do not regret quitting my job one bit, what I regret is that I was so busy with my job, my team and working that it took most of my energy and I made a gigantic mistake by not listening to my body and my inner self – So here I am, two weeks after horrible news about my dad passing away suddenly and me not being there to say goodbye, me not calling him to hear about his day, me not visiting him more often because I live 4 hours away and mostly I regret me looking at my phone, his number on my display as he is calling me to hear about my day, and me not picking up because I am too exhausted to talk to him.

In loving memory – I miss you

I do not want to be that person, I will not be that person, so the search for what kind of person I will be has already started, and over the next weeks and months I hope I will find that person I want to be.

So what now? Well, I will handover my tasks in my current job to my best abilities and have a well deserved honeymoon with my husband (covid restrictions prevented this) and then take a deep breath, go do some yoga classes, listen to podcasts and books and then put on the entrepreneur hat and see where that takes me.

But first:


I will stick to my mantra – If anyone can do this, it has to be me. My former boss did not call me a pitbull for no reason – small in stature but stubborn and fierce and I get shit done. I am surrounded by great people that support me and cheer for me and I have a financial situation that allows me to dream and test out this idea.

Lots of love and thoughts


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