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When things come together <3

So I finally got to a point, where all the stuff is coming together, and where shop, marketing, packaging, shipping and creating the items is in place, and it is really satisfying to start shipping items to their new homes <3

I have way too little time and way too many ideas to fit into one persons life, so I am trying to balance it with work and having time for family and friends.

I have had trouble getting some of my ideas into real life, so just ideas in my head, trying to get them come to life, so a few weeks back I purchased some silicone mix, to start creating my own molds.

I can report back that the process is fun, creative and VERY sticky and messy. But I got two prototypes done – Candle stick holder molds in two different sizes. I am very proud of the way it turned out, and I added a pair to my shop and got an order the same day. Love this!! <3

New candle stick holder straight out of the silicone mold

I love the simple yet classic design of these holders and I have struggled to find any molds, as a lot of the community around jesmonite use the same boring molds and I didn’t just want to copy that.

So as from today these candle holders are my signature and I hope you like them as much as I do <3

This is also definitely not the last time that I am making a silicone mold.

Luckily my boyfriend is a carpenter so he will help me create the frames so I can cast the molds easily.

One of the nex things I will try to venture into is creating candles that match the jesmonite items, and in the near future I will start to sew bags from the fur that my good friend Stina from RUNT design is making.

There will be some posts on that later on and for those of you who hate the thought of killing animals and using their fur, I can only say that we are trying to live by the rules that we treat animals humane, have them live in harmony and when we do kill them, its not for the purpose of the fur, its to be more holistic, use every part of the animal is used and nothing goes to waste, that will support our effort to cut down on CO2 and having a very different appreciation for meat. So if you still think it is murder, I am very sorry, that is entirely ok and up to you, but for me its a way of living a life, where I do everything I can to be mindful and not harm our planet more than it already is.

I want to give a planet to my kids, that gives them hope for the future, and I have no idea if we are on the right track or if things will get worse. But this is my contribution to trying to give them that.

Give love out – the world does not have enough of it <3


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