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Kreamesse Sønderborg – 16-10-2022

Last weekend was a hit, and I sold out before lunch time on several handcrafted new pieces, which was either great (because people loved my new designs), or just a bit newbie stupid, that I didn’t create enough to meet the demand, and therefore missed out on sales.

I was listed in the local online news channel SønderborgNyt with a nice picture of my pop-up shop, and I was grateful to get free publicity. http://Article in SønderborgNyt

In the article, it is mentioned that I am working on opening a local shop that allows customers to shop 24/7 using the latest payment and access software, which I am super excited about, but it still has a long way to go, to find the right tools and systems, not to mention the money to put that dream into action. Sønderborg already has a flower shop to operate 24/7 so why not an interior design/gift shop?

Sønderborg is my home, no matter how many years I live here in Copenhagen, it will never be my home, in the same way. I love coming home and doing fairs, especially since my mom is mostly joining me, I love spending time with her, and we meet so many nice people and just get to spend time together a whole day.

When doing fairs I meet a lot of people who have the same dream as me, working on my own, being my own boss, and having a small business that I can live off and as much as I love the passion that people put forward and however much time we spend on letting that dream come to life, its really really hard work. Today is Tuesday and I slept most of Monday because I really needed a break after almost a month with no days off. So I asked my boss (me) and she agreed that I needed a break.

Most of today was spent at the computer learning the tricky ways of search engine optimization for my webshop and other admin stuff. Tomorrow I will be back in the workshop and creating some items that customers wanted me to ship as they were too late at the fair, and wanted them anyway. So candles and ring holders are up for tomorrow.

I spend a lot of time searching for materials for my production of pieces, that be stearin and paraffin for candle production or casting clay in bulk for ceramics. Phew it’s a jungle and it really means the difference between making it or not, having good and cost-effective suppliers

On Thursday and Friday, mom is visiting and she needs to take home the items and she delivers them to the customers. Don’t know what I would do without her! <3

Lots of love


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