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Slip casting course day 2

Oh my.. day two arrived and went so fast. The day began with getting the pieces out of the kiln, and then making sure they are ready for glazing. The color choices are many and I decided to keep the color palette neutral in white, grey colors

Soooo many colors to chose from
The color palette I chose

The glaze is added to the pieces by simply dunking them under the surface, swirl them around and letting the access liquid drip off. They dry up very fast and you can touch the peices after a few seconds.

A small bowl with glazing on the inside

Its very important to remove any glaze from the buttoms of each item to avoid the glaze from burning into the plates they rest on in the oven. If not they simply glue themselves to the buttom and its impossible to get them off whole

All the items we made this weekend

In just two days I have managed to fall in love with the beautiful art form and I will surely continue to learn more and go for more classes at “finurlig keramik”. The instructor Thora is very professional and very patient with all the questions 😂

She also has ties to Tanzania which I also have and I meet very few people who have actually been so it was just so nice to talk to her about my experiences there and hear about hers

Good night to you all 💕

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