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Saved a new silicone mold – Lesson learned

I had this very beautiful tray, that I just had to make a mold from and after searching for copyrights and not finding anything, as it did not have a brand stamped on it or anything recognizable, I decided to make the mold myself.

I filmed the process and I can surely say that I learned what not to do.

So this video shows really well what not to do, in regards to pouring too much silicone mass into the mold, as it will get way to hard and not give you room to demold easily.

Now when I buy my molds, they are industrially made and very thin, so some of them don’t last long or they bend very easily out of shape, so to mitigate that, I always make them more sturdy.

But I accidentally made too much silicone mass, so I made the mistake of adding it to the mold, and I could almost not get the tray out of the mold again.

It took a lot of cutting, and arm strength but I finally got it out, and as unpretty as the final mold is on the outside, I really could not be more happy about the inside.

But have a look, and see for yourself

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