Prepping for the autumn fairs/markets

I am in full swing prepping for the different markets and fairs that are coming up in the fall here in DK and I can’t seem to find time enough in the 24 hours we have per day, to get it all done.

I am at the moment creating candles to go with the different trays and candle holders, and I am having a lot of fun with that, which for me is the main goal here.

The process of making candles is a bit longer than jesmonite as it takes about 10-12 hours before I can de-mold the candles without breaking them, and I had to experiment quite a lot with the texture of parafin and soy to get the right consistancy and I learned new words like sink holes and craters 😉

So below is a picture of the bubble candle batch that I am currently making.

They are just too lovely right? 😉

Once they have cooled down they look like this:
Cute right?

Now I had to watch quite a lot of candle making videos and get a hold of molds for candles as well so it is not quite a creap start to get into candle making, but I am sure it is worth it, when I go to the fair and the market. I really hope people will like them together with the Jesmonite Items.

I got some new jesmonite molds as well, and they arrived just in time so I would not have to pay fines and extra import taxes, as all european countries now have seperate rules from the rest of the world, so both Brexit and that new rule for internal puchases outside EU, has give the small business owners a right hook straight to the face, as everything is being taxed differently now.

Since I have to make changes to the webshop to comply with these new rules, i decided to make some changes to the overall design, and to add MobilePay to it, as I can see in the log, that some people skip my shop just when it is time to pay for the items, and I am confident that making it possible to pay with your phone instead of only credit cards, will increase the orders placed in the shop, which I would love like any other small business owner 😉

I am going to a huge fair in Fredericia in Denmark called Creative days (Kreative dage) in october and it runs over 3 days, with onsite working stations to show off the skills that the handcrafters have. I really hope it will be a success and that we can have more people in Denmark know about Jesmonite, as it is relatively unknown here.

Wish me luck with the process of making enough items, to showcase the whole thing and add attention to my small business.



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