Phew long weekend – getting ready for the fall markets

It’s sunday and I spend most of my weekend working, preparing for the two big upcomming creative fairs in Hillerød and Sønderborg.

I have a full load of new ceramic items in the kiln, and I can’t wait to open the kiln tomorrow. I think most ceramic artists can relate when I say it feels like Christimas eve, opening the kiln and see if anything went according to plan. I still need more experience regarding the firing process and it’s no joke to hit the right temperature.

let me give you an example.

Below are two test items, the buttom one is of the glaze as it suppose to be and the top item is a bit over heated but the result is so beautiful that I really hope it can be recreated. So I am waiting for the kiln to cool down to see.. It sort of turns a little green and blue, and it just makes the piece come alive right?

The jesmonite items are are also coming along, and I made around 50 new items that are in pastel colors and ready to sand down and put in the webshop.

I am also starting the christmas collection in both Jesmonite and ceramics and the overall theme is light, white beige colors, gold and green. I hope you will like it.

Now its time for SoMe, inventory, sales tasks and my favorite – finances. Yak!

Hope you are happy and doing well, I am for sure, tired but happy.



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