Not enough time in a day

Oh my, time just flies when you have a million things to do.

This week I have been working on new designs both in the jesmonite workshop and in my sewing studio and I just love the process of creating.

Mustard color with marble effect – gotta love it.

I attended a course to figure out my new coverlock machine which is both a little scary and awesome. I think the hardest part about getting new gear is that its unknown, and after the course I was just overwhelmed with the new possibilities that the machine brings. So I learned how to do a Coverstick and a flatlock, which are two very important stiches when working with stretchy fabrics like jersey.

So the goal was to make a pair a boxer shorts and I actually made it work – like almost or maybe not that great, but at least I found out how to do the settings on the new machine AND I got it documented so I can actually remember the next time.

I have also been spending time on doing a little youtube videos, Instagram posts and trying to get new molds ordered from China. That is by far the most time consuming task ever. But also a lot of fun.

I also tried to squeeze in some time for training, so I do that ealy in the morning so that I am ready for a day at the computer screen and then going to the sewing studio or the workshop. I have this at home and a yoga mat and some kettle belts to keep fit while all the gyms here are still closed. It’s okay for now and I am happy that I have the motivation to train 5-6 days a week.

Snow is almost gone now, and spring is in the air, so I am already planning for the spring collection and hope the new molds arrive safely soon.

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