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It’s saturday, It’s 5 AM and I can’t sleep

Normally, waking up at 5 in the morning on a saturday, would be annoying and leaving me feeling stressed out or worried – nut no today, not at this time in my life.

I can’t sleep because I’m exited – and my head is exploding with ideas and I just have to get it out – so here I am, writing here, in the dark – husband fast asleep.

So whats on my mind?

Well – I went to see my mentor Thora yesterday to give her back some molds I had borrowed and to discuss the internship that I am starting on next week. I am like a sponge, just absorbing some of all the information Thora is giving me.

It feels a bit like for a person to hear a neuro surgeon talk -hahah.. so many words I don’t know the meaning of, and just trying to decipher what she is talking about – technical terms, strange names of materials, mixtures and glazes. Luckily Thora is used to teaching classes and having interns, so she is so patient and explains everything.

So right now here at 5 AM, I’m trying to get an overview of things I need to buy to be able to train and experiment here at my own workshop. Thoras workshop is an hour away in Frederiksværk, so I can’t go there as often as I would like, so I have to train here at home. Luckily my husband has a huge workshop that I got a room in for my stuff.

I can use some of the tools from my jesmonite tool collection, but the two techniques are so different that e.g. molds cannot be the same. For jesmonite I use silicone molds and for ceramics I need plaster molds.

The other tools I need is to smooth out ceramics, and shape it. So I need to get a hold of a lot of different smaller handheld tools like these:

So I am looking online to see what to chose, there are so many options, it’s hard to chose.

I decided to buy some more stuff from Scarva and a german site. Am exited and ready for this next chapter of my creative life.



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