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Its all coming together

I usually order stuff from both Etsy, Wish, Ebay and Ali Express and it takes quite a while to get here, and I am running to the mail box every day, just to check.

A few days ago I got some of the fabrics I ordered for the makeup bags and I am so excited.

Now I’m just waiting for the luxury zippers with metal shine, to come as well.

There are a few not so great surprices when shopping online and the most annoying part of living in Denmark, is the constant VAT and taxes that are added to anything I buy abroad, and there are all these different rules as to what country its from. I know now that I cannot buy much in the UK, due to Brexit and I hate it, because there are so many great craft stores in the UK, but it’s taxed heavily. I cost me twice the sum when I bought these little babies.

They are pigments and are the prime colors, and you can literally generate any color you want from this. They are difficult to work with and I really had to dig deep into my memory of art classes in school to remember how to mix them.

Thats all for now, I am working hard on setting up the workshop and getting all the tools and packaging goods.

Luckily I have a great man in my life, who builds the whole thing for me, so I can focus on being creative <3

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