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Internship coming up!

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Normally I work a 8-16 job in IT – it’s fast, brutal and stressful but I love it. But it does not leave me with much creativity in the old fashioned sense – creating things that are not on a computer – if you know what I mean? 🙂

Therefore I took the unheard step to ask my manager for some time off – to go and spend time being creative with clay casting. For the next three months I will spend time with the very talented Thora Finnsdottir and get to know the basics of ceramic design.

Thoras is the instructor I met at the ceramics course I took a while back, (5) Finurlig keramik | Facebook and I really like her designs, and the things she has accomplished so far – Having her own brand and working whith great danish designers is not something you see everyday, so when she offered me an internship, I just had to go for it.

I am slowly figuring out what I want to design with Jesmonite and what should be done in Porcelain. I really love the whole design process of chosing materials, colors and since I am in IT, I don’t mind the whole SoMe part either, but is sure is a lot of work, being both the boss, designer, sales person, accountant and having a fulltime job too 😉 I guess passion and dedication can take you a long way towards your dreams.

Once again I spent a lof of time online, searching for the best suppliers for molds, clay, tools and what else is needed to be able to design and create new ideas, and this is some of todays findings

So this is mother of pearl – I use it for trays and candle holders to give it some spark. Upside – easy to work with – downside very expensive and hard to come by in EU.
This is a mixing tool for glazes etc – its a manual mixer but when you push it down it spins around, so you don’t have to stir like crazy. It’s in the details right 😉
I know it s a long time until Christmas but the ideas that are for sale for Christmas, are planned now already so these cutters quickly went into my cart and I can’t wait to try them out. The idea is that they will look something like these ornaments. Lovely right? <3

Last but not least, I finally found the molds I have been searching for!! Real christmas ornaments!! oh my I just love them.

They are gonna work well with a colored slip cast or a colorful glaze and with lots of gold luster. I have my work cut out for me for the summer and fall for sure!!

It’s getting late here and I need my sleep.

Stay safe and do what you love

Best wishes


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