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How to be sustainable?

I spend a lot of time considering and researching how I can help prevent my little business from contributing to pollution, de-forestation and climate change.

It does not always add up, but I do my best to try and be responsible.

First of all my materials are eco-friendly when available. Jesmonite is a waterbase compound that is eco-friendly, so that is one of the reason why I use that product.

The fabrics I use are either organic, reused or produced locally as much as possible, but its not always easy to figure out where the fabrics come from, so I do my very best to research before buying any.

Packaging for shipping the items are done in either reused boxes or in eco-friend reusable packaging. I purchased it here at www.noissue.co where I am part of the Eco-packaging Alliance. Anything bought from this site is either compostable, reusable or recyclable. However it does not come cheap to be sustainable and therefore the prices on my items are a bit higher than others on the market, but I would rather sell less and know that the people buying it, actually care and support my idea of being sustainable.

For some of the molds I use, I have to turn to China, which is not very eco friendly, but some of the molds are just not sold anywhere else, I try to buy in europe to avoid Carbon footprints from freight but sometimes its just not possible.

/Sussie Spice (my nickname in Tanzania)

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