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First mould delivery from Etsy

I was beyond happy, when the mail man arrived yesterday with an unexpected and big package. I actually had no idea what it was, as I have ordered quite a few things lately.

So i recorded it so you guys could see what I got <3 absolutely loved them all!

I already got the jesmonite, the pigments and chips to add to the projects and I rushed down to my workshop to test them out.

First little test, the bubbles are a hazzle, but I’m happy with the result

I’m gonna continue this weekend as we are all still in lockdown here due to Covid, so is there any better way then spending time being creative??.

I have sooo many ideas in my head, and so much work to do.

Since I have a daytime job in IT, the whole stuff with Instagram, Homepage, webshop, Youtube etc. is probably a little easier for me, but having a TikTok account is not something I have tried before, so I think I might have to get some help from my daughter.

Next up is setting up the webshop, but there are just sooo many rules to live up to, so it freaks me out a little. But we will get there I’m sure.

All the best


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