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New site, new ideas…

Hi and welcome, Im glad you found your way to my blog. The idea with this blog is to inspire to be creative. I work mostly with casting in Jesmonite and sewing.

I just picked up my first delivery of Jesmotine, it was late due to Corona and Brexit problems. I guess a little starting problems never killed anyone

I got really inspired by other Crafters who work with jesmonite and I am trilled to start working with it.

Starting point

  • One thing that is always a bit hard in the beginning is the expenses that are required to start up a small business but there are a few things that I can do which help a lot.
  • First of all I work in IT, so the whole Facebook, Insta, Tiktok youTube and lets not forget webshop and homepage, comes easy and cheap, as I can do most of it myself.
  • I’m a little new to the whole advertisement would with words like Recommendations, exposure analytics, tags and SEO which are very important to get your business up and running. But me being in IT for over 15 years, gives me the advantage of having a great network so I guess I will start there

My hope is that I can inspire others to start crafting and ultimately jump into the whole entrepreneur thing. It would be great if I could nudge just a single person into new ideas, even if they sometimes seem overwhelming.

Im live in Copenhagen in Denmark and am of course inspired by the Scandinavian interior design and most of my items are kept in pastel colors and with symetric lines, This design is also shown in my logo with the geometric heart shape. I love simplicity and keep straigh lines and colors of nature.

Love Sussie/Sys

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