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Building a webshop – oh my

So of course a webshop is needed to get all these beautiful items out to now loving homes, but I swear that there is nothing simple about the process of building one.

Of couse one can use a shopify or Etsy webshop – pre build and everything, but where is the fun in that, and the charges and fees are some what high to be honest.

So off we go – wocommerce it is, its a free software that comes as a plugin for wordpress, which is the tool I use for this webpage.

There are soo many things to consider.

Layout, Privacy policy, Cookie policy, terms and conditions, Invoicing, stock keeping, pricing model, coupons, advertisement, email setup, taxing, packaging and posting, NemID (Danish requirement), payment setup etc.. pheeww I’m all dizzy.

Further more I have to protect the site, technically so it is not being hacked, spammed or somehow security compromised. Which is a whole job in itself.

I get why some people give up, before they even start .

But off we go … one step at a time 😀

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