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Small business owner with a passion for IT and art.

Busy bee

Hold da helt op, der er knald på, i det lille værksted. Her er lige et par småting jeg har gang i: Glasur tests, under glasur test og line blend tests. Genbrænding af nogle gamle emner for at se om jeg kan redde dem og så er jeg igang med at støbe nye forme til […]

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Magic crystals

Well folks, it’s time to get my hands dirty and learn some new techniques! I’m about to dive into the wonderful world of crystal glaze, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be joining a course with the amazing instructor Jose Mariscal Peneque, and let me tell you, I’m ready to learn some new tricks. […]

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Kreamesse Sønderborg – 16-10-2022

Last weekend was a hit, and I sold out before lunch time on several handcrafted new pieces, which was either great (because people loved my new designs), or just a bit newbie stupid, that I didn’t create enough to meet the demand, and therefore missed out on sales. I was listed in the local online […]

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Phew long weekend – getting ready for the fall markets

It’s sunday and I spend most of my weekend working, preparing for the two big upcomming creative fairs in Hillerød and Sønderborg. I have a full load of new ceramic items in the kiln, and I can’t wait to open the kiln tomorrow. I think most ceramic artists can relate when I say it feels […]

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Walking on water today – new webshop is live <3

So, I have been working hard on my webshop, as I refuse to pay someone external to create it for me and pay xx thousands of dollars to do so and then pay a monthly fee for the rest of my life for support and tech help which is also very expensive. Starting as an […]

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