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Almost two weeks as self-employed

So time really does fly when you are having fun. The last two weeks have been some of the bussiest for a long time, and yet I havent been to a single teams meeting, steerco meeting or status with my boss. Oh wait a minute… I’m the boss, so I guess I had plenty of check’ins afterall.

I like my new boss a lot, admitted, she is a bit confused and she does spend a lot of time working out, doing yoga and sits on her phone a lot, but I guess she is entitled to, since she is paying her own non existing salary 😂

Jokes aside, 12 hour workdays is no joke, but I am loving it! Yesterday I was at the workshop with Thora Finnsdottir and we just got soo much work done. Created new glazes, cleared the kiln for beautiful new pieces that are going into either commision or things that go to the fall markets

A good amount of time was spend on the phone with TDC, the phone and internet provider and being sent back and forth because of an invoice three times bigger than normal. Ahh how we love spending time on things like that. But all in all a brilliant day!!

We started the day with a workout at 08:30 and I was home at 21:00. Tired, dusty and dirty 😂

The next couple of day I will spend in my own workshop making new molds and prepping for the fall fair in Hillerød. Lots to do and not enough hours in the day.

I hope that whatever you and for whatever time, that you enjoy it. It’s rejuvenating and healthy!

Love from me to you 🫶🏻

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