Hi, this is me

My name is Sys Mindedahl, which in any other country would be something like “Sis” or Sussie. My City is the Beautiful Copenhagen in Denmark and besides the weather I love it here.

My creative journey started when I was just a kid and my aunt tought me how to sew. I later in life moved on to 2 years of studying tailoring and even though I work in IT today, I always kept my passion for creating and sewing and I’m fortunate with a great space to sew and craft and plenty of ideas to keep me busy.

I came into crafting, ceramics and moulding later in life and I am blessed with a great workshop and plenty of space for moulds, colors and creating new items. I must admit it can get quite messy so I am banned from the house.

My style is Scandinavian and light and I keep mostly to light pastel colors and geometric shapes, soft fabrics and gold, rosegold zippers and accessories.